Hello, I’m David. I’m roughly three parts aerospace nerd, two parts software nerd, and one part music snob.

Projects, interests

Whatsup, CLI tool to visualize current and future satellite coverege in your area (eg, what is the elevation of Starlink satellites over Seattle for the next 24 hours).

Opt-mnk, an optimal mnk-game (a generalization of tic-tac-toe). Computer vs computer and human vs computer play supported.

PySextant, a small utility to calculate your position on the earth given two sightings of the sun using, say, a sextant.

Sensor-cal, a fast c library for performing attitude independant sensor calibrations using a non-linear least-squares optimization.

JuliaOrb, a Julia module for orbital mechanics.

Orbpy, a python module for orbital mechanics. This project is incomplete and will likely stay that way.

Strava, the most important project of them all.

Goodreads, what I’m reading.

Chess.com, my meager attempt to become decent at chess. Focusing on 5 minute blitz.


Assessment of Metrics That Measure the Effectiveness of Control Allocation and Their Use in Linear Closed-Loop Analysis

Simulation, State Determination, and Control Design for a Small Imaging Spacecraft

Simulation and Control Design for Shape Memory Alloy Torque Tubes


Six degree of freedom aerial vehicle control methods responsive to motor out situations

Contacting me

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